Friday, 20 April 2012


Lemme introduce you to the LACE.... Language and Cultural Exchange. LACE provides an opportunities to catch up or meet with postgraduates from different faculties and countries. Membership open not only to postgraduates but uni staff as well.

Every year LACE and PSA (Postgraduate Student Association) organise The LACE/PSA Dinner. After 4 years became as part of The UWA big families, this was my first time attending any LACE activities.... what a shame!!!!!!!!

The food was good... fried rice, lamb biryani, yellow rice, chicken curry and snacks.

Long que..... faster mate, I'm hungry!!!!!

My platter....

Attendees from different countries... mini United Nation!!!!!

Any dinner will never complete without show.....

Our fellow postgraduate from Aceh, Indonesia..... presenting their traditional dance.

In short, this event furnished me with new knowledge (as well as my stomach!!!!!) about foreign cultures and a chances to mingle with amazing people from different background. Really enjoyed the nite!!!

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