Sunday, 15 April 2012

Western Australia Outback ~ Serpentine Fall/National Park

Known as Serpentine National Park or Serpentine Fall National Park, is about an hour's drive from Perth (Kwinana Freeway). The Serpentine NP is open from 8.30 am to 5 pm daily with an entry fee (AUD11/car).

Once upon a time it was The Stooges favourite and regular spot for picnic. Especially on weekend after finished with my alpacas thingy. Note for The Stooges; thanks a lot for helping me during the alpacas day.....

What so special about Serpentine National Park?
It has well kept picnic grounds set in natural surrounding..... and cute kangaroos is always around to keep you company too!!!!!
The fall are located about 400 m from the picnic area but there is a car park closer to the falls entrance.

During the last trip by The 5 Stooges there, an incident happened......
The story started like this..... more less a kilometre before we arrived there, we saw the yellow RAC chopter hovering very low and then landed at the nearby football field.

Then when we enter the car park area near to the waterfall, we saw a patrol car as well as St John's ambulance. Well... well... well.... must be something serious happened. A few young  couples kept hugging to each other, with a tearing eyes.

At the same time, we also realised a few chopters belong to local broadcasting such as Seven News, Nine and ABC kept hovering around the falls. We pretty sure we will be apart of the news tonite. And we are rite, watched news later we saw ourself in the screen.... ngeeee!!!!

Back to the incident, a poor young girl incidently fallen down from the high part of the waterfall. Not sure how this thing happened, but for sure she was seriously injured. We saw plenty of bloods in the nearby area. We heard the poor girl died later in the hospital. May her rest in peace... Ameen

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