Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BBQ @ Shenton Park ~ with Umar, Sung Bo, Sharon, Wan Hon, Xixi and Alene

May 20, 2012 (Sunday)

Farewell party? Hmmm... I don't like farewell party very much. Especially when we never know, when will we able to meet up with our close friends again. But like I said before, we couldn't live under our own shadow forever. So that's it, BBQ we go... for me its more to socialised among close friends instead of farewell.

Plenty of foods, no meehon goreng this time but nasi goreng special by my wifey... marbeles, everyone like it very much. Also chicken with Korean sauce by Sung Bo. Menjilat kaki seh!!!! We ate like no tomorrow, almost forgot about my diets. Sigh!!!! I need to reduce my weight ~ about 10 kilos.


The girls busy with.... not sure with what!!!!

Peaceful place for family bonding.

Delicious... menjilat kaki seh!!!

Gift from Xixi... cute!!!

Another one also from Xixi.... thanks.

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