Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Farewell dinner and Amani's birthday

May 13, 2012 (Sunday)

As usual Bro Shem and Sister Linda bermurah hati dan dengan penuh rela membenarkan their lovely place dijadikan tempat untuk berkumpul sambil makan2. This time, farewell dinner bagi those yang akan menamatkan pengajian dan bakal pulang ke Malaysia. Also Amani's birthday party... supposed we shared the cake (its my birthday too) but this little girl too stingy, wanna the cake exclusively for her only.... ha3.

The chief chef of course Bro Shem... mushroom soup, salmon steak, chilli mussels and fruits. Fuhhh!!!! marbeles especially chilli mussels. Should learn how to prepare all those food from you bro!!!! Dah kenyang sembang2 pasal golf, shipping barang balik Malaysia etc.

Around 9 pm all other guest heading home. Leaving me and my wifey continue chatting with Bro Shem and Sister Linda. Chit chat sambil layan movie, and thanks bro for download hundreds of movies for us. Mahu termuntah nak tengok semua ni. Obviously we will miss all this moments bila pulang Malaysia nanti.

Mushroom soup

Salmon steak

Chilli mussels


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