Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dinner nasi lemak ~ with Bro Shem and Sister Linda

May 20, 2012 (Sunday)

Balik dari BBQ Shenton Park, lepak2 rehat sekejap. Jam 6ish pm gerak pergi rumah Bro Shem & Sister Linda, dinner nasi lemak. Fuhhh!!!! lama betul tak pekena nasi lemak, purely Malaysian recipe. Makan bertambah seh, lupa nasihat doc untuk control makan... he3.

Lepas nasi lemak, cheesecake plus teh O... naik berat badan aku.

Both of them masih tak sihat, sore throat and mild fever but still entertained us very well. This will be our last dinner together before I'm leaving Perth... sob3. But as promised we made, friendship never end. For sure I will return for my graduation day as well as for vacation. This time will bring my juniors together, bagi Haiqal and Qayyum merasa berjalan kat overseas... he3.

And thanks Bro Shem and Sister Linda for the little tripod, fit my camera very well. Useful for my photography activities. Thanks again, not only for the tripod but also for ur warm friendship for the last couple of years. Thanks for being such a nice and generous friends. Will miss both of you, but eagerly to meet both of you in KL next month. Insya Allah....

Mini tripods... thanks Bro Shem.

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