Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Swan Valley and Whiteman Park

May 19, 2012 (Saturday)

Since I'm leaving soon, The Stooges decided to spend some time together as much as we can... hehehe... touching betul. So this week kami kembali lagi ke Swan River to collect items yang ditempah oleh Wan Hon dari Cape Lavender. As usual kalau ke Swan Valley mesti singgah chocolate factory. Sempat juga bought a few things as a souvenier untuk kekawan di Malaysia. Also met a group of Malaysian here, rombongan pakcik2 korporat dari Melaka. Sembang2 pasal currency exchange, makin jatuh nampaknya dollar Aussie... rugi3, banyak dollar dalam poket ni, nak convert ke ringgit... hehehehe.
Then off we go to Cape Lavender to pick up barangan Wan Hon... essential oils bagai. Bagus2 product Cape Lavender, tapi me and wifey tak beli apa pun.

Red roses depan Cape Lavendar.

Finished our bizz di Cape Lavendar, its lunch time. Tengok map, Whiteman Park tak jauh mana, so we heading to Whiteman Park for picnic. Lalu Caversham Wildlife tapi tak singgah, sebab few years back dah masuk, masa tu baru sampai Australia. Hidangan wajib picnic macam biasa, mee hon goreng yang dimasak oleh my wife... hehehehe

Saujana mata memandang, langit indah membiru.

Picnic shelter.

Cute birdie.

Wan Hon No. 1 enemy... phobia betul dia dengan magpies.

Birdie kat sini especially magpies suka curi makanan... berhati2.

Make it more touching.... sob3..... siap ada cake for my farewell and advanced birthday celebration.... he3. My birthday lambat lagi, awal bulan 6 but since I'm leaving end of this month, The Stooges decided to celebrate my birthday 2 weeks early. Me of course buat2 surprised and terharu... he3. But to be frank, I'm appreciated our friendship very much. All of you are the best friends I ever met... Wan Hon, Sharon, Xixi, Vina, Elvina and my beloved wife.

Brutal seh my birthday cake.

The best friend I'm ever met... Sharon and Wan Hon.

The Stooges port... picnic shelter B.

We just spent our time chit chat without ever thinking to visit Caversham Wildlife Park or nearby museum. Just pure chit chat among closed friends. I will miss our lovely moment, very much, after leaving Perth. But life must goes on, we can't live in our own shadow forever.

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