Friday, 11 September 2015


This will be my first experienced with this brand of engine oil, recommended by my mechanic (not my regular mechanic but the workshop very close to my place).

Previously, I am a regular customer to Toyota Service Centre. So my Toyota Vios tak pernah merasa EO lain kecuali keluaran Toyota.

Why suddenly changed?

Personally, Toyota Service Centre furnished me with a good services. Tapi kadar bayaran di Toyota Service Centre too expensive for me, even for minor service.

Jadi, stop sending my Vios to Toyota Service Centre.

Ok back to the main point!

At first, rasa takut2 juga nak sumbat masuk EO yang am not familiar with. Mechanic kata ok no need to worry boss, ini minyak manyak bagus, harga pun murah cuma olang tak ramai kenal ini minyak.

Take a deep breath!!!

Ok, take a risk - lagipun kena dengan bajet. The price is RM80 per pack.

Later terus shoot balik kampung!!! Hope nothing happen in the middle.

Update 11/9/2015
Luckily so far my Vios running smoothly without any problem. At first kereta terasa berat dan speeding sedikit lembab. 

After running for a few kilometres, everything back to normal.  

Selamat sampai ke Pantai Timur and back to KL - nearly 1000 km clocked without any problem.

Check EO, tak ada yang kurang, so am assumed minyak ini ok le kut.

Care to share your experience/s?

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